Air Compressor Internet of Things Monitoring System

INVT IOT monitoring system for air compressor is used for remote IOT monitoring, management and analysis. It can eliminate the difficulties in device management, maintenance and monitoring caused by complicated ambient environment of the air compressor, thus improving the work process and efficiency.
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1.Remote monitoring

Remote monitoringon the state and running data of air compressor via PC, mobile or tablet;

2.Authority management

Capable ofclassified authority management of the data and information of air compressor

3.Remote fault examination

Analysis faultinformation remotely to help narrow down problem range and figure out thesolution, thus saving labor cost;

4.Fault reminder

Inform relevantpersonnel of the fault type and cause via SMS, mail and system information inreal time when fault occurs;

5.Maintenance service

Providemaintenance reminder based on different service unit and emergency degree.

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