Vietnam to increase the proportion of renewable energy

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam officially submitted to the government the "Proposal of National Electricity Development Plan for 2021–2030 towards 2045" (8th Electricity Plan Proposal) to gradually reduce the proportion of coal power and increase the proportion of renewable energy generation.

According to the Eighth Electricity Plan Proposal, by 2030, Vietnam's total installed power capacity will be about 13–14 million MW, with the share of hydropower decreasing to 19.4–20.5%, coal-fired thermal power decreasing to 28.4–31.4%, gas-fired thermal power (including LNG) increasing to 21.1–22.4%, and renewable energy such as wind, solar and biomass power increasing to 24.3–25.7%. By 2045, the total installed capacity of electricity in the country will be about 26–33 million MW, of which hydropower will account for 12.6–13.6%, coal-fired thermal power will further decrease to 15.4–19.4%, gas-fired thermal power (including LNG) will increase to 23.5–26.9%, and renewable energy such as wind power, solar power and biomass power will further increase to 40.1–41.7%, becoming Vietnam's main power source.

This move will further optimize the global energy structure and improve the global ecological environment, and will also further boost the development of the global PV industry.

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