TE connectivity Announces Acquisition of Linx Technologies

Release time:2022-10-08 Click amount: 784

On July 19, TE connectivity (TE), the world leader in the field of connectivity and sensors, announced the acquisition of Linx technologies, a leading supplier of RF components for the Internet of Things(IoT). The strategic acquisition will further strengthen Te's product portfolio and competitiveness in the IoT.

As TE continues to strengthen its investment in the IoT marketthe acquisition will help expand TE's supply chain , particularly in antennas and RF connectors for the IoT. It is also an important strategy for TE following the acquisition of Laird Connectivity's antenna business in 2021.

Sudhakar sabada, senior vice president and general manager of TE data and equipment business department, said: "combining TE's wireless connection products with Linx technology's RF products can bring higher value to customers. This acquisition will expand the company's development in the fast-growing edge access and IoT markets."

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