Uncertainty in manufacturing production increases with the power rationing issued by extreme heat.

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In August, the rapidly increased power consumption affected by extreme heat leads to insufficient power supply in some regions of China, and a number of power restriction policy documents are issued.

From 0:00 on August 8th, some places in Zhejiang province have started C-level orderly power consumption and some enterprises are required to stop production for 6-24 consecutive hours. Enterprises are asked to implement “run for 4 days and stop 3 days during the week”in Ningbo and Wenzhou, while enterprises above designated size are required to stop production for 5 consecutive days in some areas of Taizhou.

On August 9th, Anhui Province has issued"Proposal for saving power consumption to the city-wide users", advocating industrial enterprises to ease the pressure of electricity supply during peak hours through planned maintenance and other ways to stagger peak power.

On August 12th, Jiangsu Province has issued a power saving proposal. It requires government organs and institutions to take the lead in saving electricity and industrial enterprises to strictly and scientifically use electricity. It also emphasizes that strengthen the rational use of electricity in public places and advocate the saving of electricity in residents’life.

On August 13th , Yubei district of Chongqing has begun to restrict the production power consumption of industrial enterprises within its jurisdiction. The specific requirements are to suspend production during the peak hours and give priority to ensuring the power consumption of residents' living and urban operation, from August 13th until August 22nd.

On August 15th, Sichuan province has issued the emergency notice on expanding the implementation scope of industrial enterprises' power supply to the people. From now to August 20, all industrial power users (including white list key guarantee enterprises) in the orderly power consumption scheme of Sichuan power grid shall be shut down (except security load). The factories of BOE, Foxconn, Tongwei and other manufacturers located in Sichuan shall stop production.

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