ICSC 2023:INVT won the title of "Industrial Control System China Enterprise of the Year"

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Recently, the third conference of Industrial Control System China (ICSC) was successfully held at Suzhou Jiangsu Province, with the theme of "Ecological Link, Intelligent Control of the Future, and Building the Foundation for New Industrialization". INVT was invited to participate in this conference to conduct in-depth exchanges with industry experts and business representatives, share insights and visions, and jointly discuss innovative applications and high-quality development paths in the field of industrial control, and won the title of "Industrial Control System China Enterprise of the Year".


At the meeting, INVT made a brilliant appearance with excellent products such as frequency converters and control systems. It comprehensively introduced the technology accumulation and innovation practice in the field of industrial control over the years, the solutions to technical problems in key areas, and its newly-launched products, including GD880 series engineering VFD, TS600 series intelligent PLC, and Flex series I/O system. INVT meet the requirements of high-efficiency and lean production of enterprises with excellent and stable performance and innovative breakthroughs, creating greater value for various industries.


In this event, the Industrial Control China Conference hosted a selection activity of the Enterprise of the Year 2023 to select representative enterprises in the industry and give full play to the benchmark effect. INVT was awarded the title of “Industrial Control System China Enterprise of the Year 2023" for its outstanding achievements in industry influence, innovation vitality, and social responsibility.


GD880 series engineering VFD, a newly-launched product of INVT, was awarded the title of "Top Ten New Products of Industrial Control System China 2023”for its advanced technical level and application effect. This award is not only a high recognition of INVT, but also stimulates the innovation and creativity of INVT.


At present, seizing the strategic commanding heights of intelligent manufacturing has become a new driving force for the development of manufacturing enterprises. INVT will take this conference as an opportunity to give full play to the benchmarking enterprise effect, continuously strengthen its own technology research and development capabilities, adhere to the concept of Green, Digital Intelligence and Low-carbon Development, and continue to develop in the field of high reliability and high quality requirements.

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