INVT Nominated for Shenzhen Industry Award

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On September 28, the 10th World Industrial Development Forum and the 5th Shenzhen Industrial Award Ceremony, where the enterprises and industrialists in recognition were awarded, were successfully held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World).

INVT and the chairman Huang Shenli stood out from numerous outstanding enterprises and industrialists and won respective nomination awards.


“Shenzhen Industrial Award", representing the highest honor of Shenzhen industry, is an award jointly organized by Shenzhen Industry Association and Shenzhen Business News, aiming to vigorously promote the industrial spirit, create a social atmosphere that values the real economy, recognize the Shenzhen industrial enterprises and industrialists for their outstanding achievements, set a benchmark for high-quality development of Shenzhen industry, give full play to the important role of Shenzhen industrial enterprises in the construction of the demonstration pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and form a system corresponding to the "China Industry Award".

The fact that INVT receives this honor not only means that INVT has become a representative of high-quality development in Shenzhen industry, but also confirms its mission and commitment to technology innovation and real industry.


It also shows that INVT has taken a path of innovation and practice with brand quality as the guarantee and technological innovation as the support in the face of pressure and challenges.

For specific industries, customers, and equipment, INVT will develop customized solutions that meet the application scenarios and solve customer’s pain points. INVT offers a professional electrical system platform to enable customers with electrification system integration capabilities, which effectively reducing system complexity.

INVT will steadfastly walk on the road of the new industrial revolution as a leading player with the corporate vision of "To be the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power".

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