INVT Won Guangdong Patent Award again

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Recently, the People's Government of Guangdong Province announced the winners of the 9th Guangdong Patent Award. INVT's invention patent "a climbing assistance control method, system and VFDs" (inventors: Xu Tiezhu and Shi Chao) won the Guangdong Patent Excellence Award. This is the second time for INVT to win the award after winning the third Guangdong Patent Excellence Award in 2016.

So far, INVT has won 2 China Patent Excellence Awards, 2 Guangdong Patent Excellence Awards and 2 Shenzhen Patent Awards. As of September 30th, 2022, the total number of patent applications of INVT is 1733, including 677 invention patent applications, 699 utility model patent applications and 357 design patent applications.

The Guangdong Patent Award was established by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government. With the innovative strength of its patents and perfect intellectual property management system, INVT was awarded the 9th Guangdong Patent Excellence Award after a number of links, including qualification, evaluation and defence.

This award is a reflection of the high priority INVT places on intellectual property rights(IPR) and the results of years of deep commitment in the field of IPR construction. Nowadays, as an intangible asset of INVT, IPR has become an important strategic resource for INVT's development and one of the core elements of the company's competitiveness. After achieving the accumulation in the number of patents, INVT has changed its patent layout strategy: with the goal of building high-quality and high-value patents, INVT has strengthened the quality control of the patent process, carried out patent layout in depth projects and actively cultivated a patent innovation atmosphere. For example, we hold the Intellectual Property Month in April every year, regularly conduct patent knowledge training to improve the professional ability of patent personnel, and create a good intellectual property environment from multiple dimensions such as Individual, platform and mechanism.

Based on the previous construction, INVT will build on its strengths to maintain its leading position in IPR construction in the same industry and help the company's future development.

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