Introduction to the No.2 performance laboratory

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Covering an area of 270 square meters, the No.2 drive performance laboratory is mainly used to execute electrical performance tests for small power VFD products. The laboratory has multiple types of motors ranging from 0.2kW to 37kW, meeting the test requirements for small power products in the various load states. In addition, the laboratory has many testing platforms and devices to test the electrical performance, control performance, software functions, communication functions, and single-board circuit of small power VFD products.

Main test items and devices:

Control performance: The laboratory has two sets of torque and speed test platforms of 5.5kW and 15kW, which can measure the performance for the VFDs to control asynchronous motors and synchronous motors. The platforms adopt Germany-original HBM torque sensors and speed sensors, realize the high-precision measurement of torque and speed, and transmit the collected data through communication means to the upper computers, which display the data in the form of waveform.

Power factor, harmonic and efficiency: YOKOGAWA WT1800 power analyzer.

Temperature rise test: Including Fluke Ti20 thermal imager and Agilent 34972A data acquisition instrument.

Detection accuracy, output short circuit, and driving waveform: Agilent DSO-X3014/Tektronix MDO3014 oscilloscope, Flike i1000s/TCPA400 current probe, and Pintech PT8010 differential voltage probe.

Noise: TES-1352A noise meter.

Switch power supply: Chrome 62150H programmable DC source and Chroma 6314 electronic load.

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