Introduction to the Dustproof and Waterproof Laboratory

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Covering an area of 60 square meters, the dust-proof and waterproof laboratory has the capability and capacity to formulate specific test solutions and handle detailed test tasks according to the product dustproof and waterproof design requirements compliant with IEC 60529:2013 and GB/T 4208-2017 standards and customers onsite conditions. The laboratory mainly verifies the capability to protect human body from touching the dangerous parts inside the enclosure, the capability to prevent solid foreign objects from entering the parts inside the enclosure, and the capability to protect against water ingress that causes device damage.

The dustproof and waterproof laboratory can meet the dustproof and waterproof test work needs of INVT four business sectors — industrial automation, new energy, network energy, and rail transit. Our skillful technicians can effectively carry out tests as using advanced test equipment.


Waterproof test equipment: capable to carry out the following tests, including IPX1 vertical water dripping test, IPX2 sample-15°-tilted vertical water dripping test, IPX3 ±60° swing pipe water spray test, IPX4 ±180° swing pipe water spray test, IP5X water spray test, IPX6 strong water spray test, and IPX7 water immersion test.

Ingress protection against solid foreign objects: meeting IP1X~IP6X test requirements. The inner space of the dustproof test box is 1 cubic meter, supporting IP5X~IP6X dustproof and dust tightness tests, with the dust diameter accurate to 75μm.

Preventing from touching dangerous parts: meeting IP1X~IP6X test requirements. The test tools with diameters of 50mm, 12.5mm, 2.5mm and 1.0mm are prevented from touching dangerous parts of samples.

Test equipment

The main equipment of the laboratory includes:

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