Siemens, ABB and other industrial automation giants announced the suspension of business in Russia

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Recently, the war situation between Russia and Ukraine continued to ferment, and Western countries led by the United States continued to launch economic sanctions against Russia. In the field of automation, several European and American automation giants, including Siemens, Rockwell and ABB, announced the suspension of business in Russia.

(1) Siemens suspends business in Russia
On March 9, Siemens said that after assessing the impact of sanctions imposed by western countries on the country in the past week, it would suspend new businesses including industrial equipment and international deliveries to Russia. It is reported that Siemens' key businesses in Russia include train production and service, supply of software and industrial equipment.

However, for the 13 train contracts signed, Siemens said it would continue to fulfill its service and maintenance commitments.

(2) Rockwell suspended business in Russia
On March 9, Rockwell announced that the company would suspend its operations and sales in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect. "Rockwell, together with the U.S. government and the international community, strongly condemns Russia's attacks on Ukraine and its citizens and emphasizes that the company will continue to support all U.S. sanctions against Russia," said Black Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation

(3) ABB: suspension of orders from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
On March 9, ABB, the Swiss Engineering and automation group, said that ABB had temporarily suspended the receipt of new orders and all operations affected by goods entering and leaving Russia, Ukraine and Belarus due to supply chain disruption and other logistics.

(4) Johnson Controls suspended business in Russia
Johnson Controls also issued a statement saying that it would perform its existing contractual obligations "as far as possible" and fully comply with the sanctions. At the same time, new business or new orders from Russia will not be accepted.

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