Robots, Smart Home, Virtual Reality ... How Far Away From Us? (1)

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What our world will be like in the future?

Mr. Ren Zhengfei once expected at the national technology innovation conference that human society will evolve into smart society in 2 or 3 decades in the future, but it is difficult to imagine the depth and scope of such change. And what our society will be in the future?

We don’t know how far away the future is in the video? But it is undeniable that the rapidly development of technology brings a tremendous change to our lifestyle and production. In the future, these industries and technologies will continue to influence our life greatly.

Artificial Intelligence and Robot

Kitchen in Two Years

More women are released from the manufacturing industry.

Tesla factory is exposed that there are only 150 robots.

In the robot field, industrial robots have already realized industrialization and the service robot are in the early stage of the industrialization. The industrial advantage of Europe and Japan is obvious and there is a great potential in China market.

The control system and automatic products in industrial robot field includes speed reducer, servo motor, controller and sensor, etc. Three main components account for 60% of the total cost.

Servo Motor

Servo motor is applied for driving joints of a robot so it needs the biggest power quality ratio and torque inertia ratio, high star torque, low star inertia and wider speed adjustment scope.

Servo motor can be divided into two parts, one it servo drive and the other is motor.

The features of motors made in European countries are good load ability and great dynamic response, strong drive openness and good BI, but the price is high. For China domestic, high precision ac servo motor is in initial stage and part of the brands has production capacity.

Date: INVT Star Product – DA200 AC Servo System

Driverless Vehicles

Driverless vehicle is an automated or autonomous vehicle capable of fulfilling the main transportation capabilities of a traditional car.

According to the US Boston Consulting Group estimates that driverless vehicles can create market value to 42 billion US dollars. By 2035 years, 18 million cars in the world will have some part of driverless vehicles functions. 12 million cars become completely driverless vehicles.

China will be the largest market. It is expected that by 2020, China's driving support system market size will reach to 70 billion -800 billion, an average annual compound growth is about 60%.

Smart Home

Dr. Li Kaifu said that the next trend is internet of everything and smart home quickly rises under this trend. Research and Markets released that it is expected in the next five years, the global smart home appliances and services market will grow at a speed of 8% to 10%. By 2018, the market size will reach 68 billion US dollars. And this year China's smart home market size is expected to exceed 120 billion RMB.

There are three kinds of problems happened during smart home appliance industrialization:

1. Satisfaction of pain point is still low and the training of user habits also needs a process.

2. The cost of smart home appliance is higher.

3. Interconnection is not mature enough in the aspects of standard, cost and speed.

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