Robots, Smart Home, Virtual Reality ... How Far Away From Us? (2)

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The core of VR is to create vivid content that makes people get involved and immersed to reach a feeling of entering into another space. The year 2016 was called as a VR year. TrendForce said that the income scale in the global VR market is expected to reach at 6.7 billion US dollars and it will keep at a high speed increase in the next five years. The annual income scale of this market will break through 70 billion US dollars by 2020.

An obstacle for VR development is that the user will have motion sickness and they also feel weak immersed feeling.

Motion sickness is a feeling of sickness and dizziness caused by experiencing VR. Because the VR video picture processing is used to restore the real world, it has high request to chip calculation capacity and picture processing capacity. The immersed feeling is influenced by processing chip, picture processing technology, display system and sensor technology, 3D content resolution ratio, low refresh rate and late image information.

3D Printing

One day in the future, you may live in a printed house, take a printed plane to travel around the world, drive a printed car to go everywhere you want to. All things are rely on the application of 3D printing technology.

3D printing (or additive manufacturing, AM) is any of various processes to make a three-dimensional object. For the accurate inside sunken and shape design of interlock, 3D printing is the preferred processing equipment.

3D printing has the following advantages:

1. Compared with the common numerical control machine tool, 3D printing technology can process any product with complicated structure. Its process scope covers metal, plastic, biology and architecture.

2. As an additional material manufacturing process, the free of losses of 3D printing technology has obvious advantage on material usage.

3. 3D printing technology can do personalized and art exclusive customization. 3D printing can directly manufacturing and do mass customization based on digital and networking.

4. The technology combined with bioengineering and art creation can meet consumer satisfaction.

Due to its own feature, 3D printing technology can greatly reduce the labor cost, which is very significant for China future economy.

Hydrogen Cell

Imagine that every car in one day adds hydrogen instead of oil as fuel and they exhaust water, the environment in the world will undoubtedly be enhanced.

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