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What makes the partners from all over the world and members of INVT Overseas Dep. gathered together again in December? It was INVT GLOBAL PARTNERS CONFERENCE 2019! We came to Suzhou, a beautiful city in China. It must have been a wonderful tour.

At the first day, INVT with its global partners gather like theme said, Wisdom Gathered in Suzhou, Strive for New Era. We have witnessed the growth of partners, partners to witness our growth, too. Based on the global economic situation, we discuss economic development together. That evening, a grand dinner was held to entertain our precious partners. At the same time we announced our annual sales champion. Guess who won this award.

Mr. Wang, General Manager of Overseas Business Department, spoke on stage.

The next day everyone visited INVT Suzhou manufacturing base with great interest. After the second day of visits and forums, it is time to get the beauty of Suzhou. Some partners can't help chanting a Tang poem by Du Fu when climbing to Tiger Hill—When I reach the top and hold, All mountains in a single glance. Wish you all the top in 2020 and and see you next year.

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