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DAT Technology Co., Ltd. (DAT) is a leading provider of products and solutions for the Vietnam market in Drives-Automation, Elevator controls, Electric power and Solar power. DAT becomes the most excellent Asian distributor of INVT Group in 2019.

HCMC, 22/05/2020, Dat Technology Company Ltd. (DAT) launched successfully their demo solution center for automation, solar power, elevator control and network power.

The grand opening ceremony for demo solution center has been reconfirmed that DAT has been building their leading ecosystem, focusing on R&D in order to master the technology, product improvement and create many solutions to boost the efficiency in production & business.

Mr Tiêu Văn Đạt – CEO of DAT said “Founded in 2006, DAT never stands still for building comprehensive ecosystem by cooperation with international partners. We aim to provide the high quality products, tailor-made solution and heartfully customer services to customers. Through this opening ceremony, DAT would like to prove that we are making effort to boost the efficiency by giving training, solution hand-over and expand DAT ecosystem to our customers & partners".

Mr Tieu Van Dat – CEO of DAT delivering the speech at the event

Nowadays, DAT has outstanding the performances: Over 500,000 inverters sold, 9,500 elevator control cabinet, over 2,000 solar projects installed with 40MW and 7,000 customers data. We are of course not satisfied with what we achieved, DAT always continues to bring more values to customers and partners in the future.

DAT solution demo center has been built by R&D staff, cross-departments within DAT and cost around 70,000 USD and completed in 3 months. At the DAT demo center, customers could touch & experience all demo:

1.Demo of SCADA control system
2.Motion Control Demo: applying E-Cam fly cutting, chase cutting with DA 200 Servo
3.Master-Slave Power Balance: Sharing load application with GD350 inverter
4.Multi-pump Control Demo
5.Solar Power Demo
6.Intelligent Elevator Control System Demo with EC3000
7.Demo of IoT in Automation
8.Paper Making Machine Demo…

DAT engineer is presenting solution demo

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DAT Technology Company Ltd. (DAT) is proudly one of the leading providers of products, solutions and services in Vietnam in the field of automation inverter, solar power, elevator control and network power. Here are our achievements so far:

14+ years
350+ employees with 41% high competency engineers
7000+ customers’ database
500.000+ inverters sold
2000+ solar projects installed with 40MW
10MW available solar panels
1000kW available inverters
24/7 customers services nationwide

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