Approaching Performance Lab 1

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Performance Lab 1 is mainly engaged in the testing of electrical performance, control performance and key components performance verification of medium and high power inverters in electric drive. It is now located in 1F of Guangming Industrial Park, covering an area of 220㎡.

Laboratory Power Capacity

The laboratory can test the electrical performance, the control performance, the software function, and the communication function of the inverter, which has a variety of test power supply like AC220V/225A, AC380V/1000A, AC660V/630A, voltage regulation 0~1300VAC/190A to meet the market demand for mainstream equipment testing power supply.

The laboratory can test 37kW~500kW load including towed motor, high-power three-phase reactor, high-power resistor, high-frequency water-cooled heating platform (electromagnetic frequency conversion), etc., and can meet the needs of medium and large power air-cooling/water-cooled product testing. Two sets of 30kW and 55kW torque control platforms in the laboratory can test the control performance that inverter drives asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. The platform adopts JM338 type torque speed sensor to realize high-precision measurement of torque and speed. The collected data is transmitted to the host computer through communication and displayed as a waveform on the host computer.

Main Load in Laboratory

Interior View of Performance Lab 1

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