2022 INVT Global Partners Conference Was Successfully Held

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On February 11, 2023, the 2022 INVT Global Partner Conference with the theme of Carbon neutrality, Digitalised nutualism ,was grandly held at Mission Hills Resort, Dongguan,China. All partners gathered together to have in-depth exchanges, face challenges and opportunities, and jointly plan for future development, opening a new chapter of 2023 glory.



Highlights Of The Conference




Follow The Trend, Serve Customers

First of all, Mr. Tian Huachen, the president of INVT,grandly delivered a speech for the conference. He said that during the epidemic, everyone faced unprecedented challenges. But in 2022, with the full cooperation of all partners and all employees, facing the severe market situation and test, we faced up to the difficulties together; With the joint efforts of all partners, we finally handed in excellent answers for the marketing work. In the new year, INVT has put forward the business policy of "Follow the trend, Build the core, Build the future and Go far", and INVT hopes to discuss and create with partners, grow and develop together.


Three-year Strategic Plan For Industrial Automation Business And 2023 Business Strategy

Then, Mr. Yang Lin, vice president of INVT, interpreted the three-year strategic plan for the industrial automation business, and explained the business strategy for 2023. Guided by the market, focus on transformation, take the actual needs of customers as the core, penetrate directly, pursue innovation in adversity, continue to make breakthroughs, drive and deepen marketing reforms through "process", grasp and assess the overall situation,unite and cooperate, and seize opportunities, to calmly win the fierce market battle together.


Process Driven Marketing Transformation

Then, Mr. Wang Jian, vice president of the industrial automation business unit, shared with us the synergistic efficiency and value creation, new strategic deployment, business philosophy and work measures in the future. Starting from the decomposition of the company's strategic goals and product routes, combined with the company's resources and advantages,the issues of constant persistence and continuous change, he has put forward new changes to the company's processes, and encouraged INVT partners with employees to make a breakthrough in leading the field and run in the lifetime!


Consolidate The Foundation And Gather Momentum For Steady and Long-term Development

Mr. Liu Qiang, general manager of OEM sales, shared the content of the speech from the aspects of 2022 sales review, OEM industry analysis, 2023 new opportunities and future route guidance. Through insight and analysis of the market,industry development trends in the new year, and sharing of new deployments of work tasks, the OEM team will complete the year scale growth target by strengthening product leadership, industry deep cultivation, marketing empowerment, market order, and organizational efficiency improvement in 2023.


Keep Upright, Make Surprises

Mr. Mike Liu, general manager of EU projects sales, shared the opportunities of localization, digitalization and intelligence in the project market at the conference, and introduced the key breakthroughs that INVT has made in important industries such as steel and petroleum, etc. He emphasized that we will continue to create cost-leading, differentiated and specialized products and services. For the challenges of the market, he analyzed from the perspectives of politics, economy, society, culture, technology,and diverse needs of customer, and gave different countermeasures. Driven by the two-wheel drive of the national dual-carbon and localization policies, project sales will usher in higher and faster growth in 2023!


Concentrate On Digging The Market, Create The Future Hand In Hand

Mr. Ran Mingzhe, General Manager of the Southern District of Domestic Regional Sales, first reviewed the development and achievements of the main industry in the region in the past year, thanked the partners for their tolerance, understanding, support, and forged ahead with us! In the 2023 market development strategy, Mr. Ran Mingzhe said that we need to look at our gaps through five perspectives, and we must find opportunities in the gaps; the interpretation of the 2023 solid regional development strategy and the release of the timetable for the implementation plan make partners have full confidence in the achievement of marketing goals.


At the meeting, INVT speakers also shared the strategic deployment and business plan supporting the middle and back office departments such as marketing system, product upgrade, technology platform layout, technical service upgrade, delivery planning, and supply chain support; finally, Mr. Mu Changzhou, general manager of the power supply company, addressed the deployment of power supply and network energy, shared the service and development trend of user needs to create an ecological marketing model, hoping that partners will expand new business and find the second curve of the company's development!


When the agenda of the conference was over, accompanied by music, INVT’s 20th Anniversary Dinner and 2022 Excellent Partner Award Ceremony officially kicked off. At the dinner, company leaders presented honorary awards to partners who worked together to expand the territory.



Everything in the past is a prologue! 2023 will be a new starting point and a new journey. INVT will always work with partners to build a high-quality development pattern, go hand in hand, move forward bravely, quickly seize development opportunities, and pursue our own victory.

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