Application of INVT High-performance Servo DA200 in Automatic Bending Hoop Machine

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If a workman wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools. From the steel semi-finished products into various shapes, various angles of the finished product are not simple. The processing technology of traditional bending hoop machine is generally realized by using a single machine to distribute the circular steel bar by modulating, cutting off, bending hoop, etc. The process is relatively backward, the dimension precision and shape precision of stirrups are poor, a large amount of steel is wasted and space is occupied. Production efficiency is low, can not meet the needs of modern construction progress.

INVT adopts the intelligent control system which contains servo motor,  upper computer and second encoder to be applied to a factory of automatic bending hoop equipment. It can automatically and quickly complete steel bar rolling, straightening, sizing, bending, cutting, and can process any shape and angle of the mold. Shear length, bending angle, bending accuracy are calculated in millimeters. Compared with the traditional bending hoop machine, the fully automatic steel hoop machine is the iron man of the steel bar world in terms of production efficiency, automation and processing accuracy.

1. Equipment composition:

Traction mechanism: composed of two sets of straightening wheels which can be automatically adjusted horizontally and vertically, combined with 4 traction wheels, driven by servo motor, adopting full closed loop non-standard, to ensure the precision of steel bar delivery.

Bending and shearing mechanism: driven by servo motor, the bending arm can rotate and stretch at high speed, and the shear mechanism completes the shearing action at high speed.

2. technological process: steel bar rolling-straightening-bending-forming-cutting.

3. technological requirements: according to the design requirements, the steel bar should be bent into various special shapes, at the same time, the error at high speed should be very small, the length error should not exceed 1mm, and the angle error should not exceed 1 °.

4. Difficulties in the process:

* The automatic bending hoop machine system requires a very high time and shape of the two shaft servo parts. The motor must not jitter in the process of machine processing, and the machine must be stable when it starts and stops quickly;

* Response must be faster, the faster the overall time is shorter; the greater the rigid torsion, the better the shape, the more perfect the angle;

* Accuracy must be high, to ensure the quality of processing, the length of the steel bar and bending angle must be the same.

* Smooth steel bars are prone to slip, affecting the accuracy of processing, to solve this problem.

* Under the harsh conditions of the field site, it is necessary to ensure continuous and stable operation without disturbing the peripheral equipment.

5. Solutions:

INVT fully combines the advantages of DA200 series high-performance servo systems, such as fast response, accurate positioning, short setting time and stable operation, and straightens the bending steel bar horizontally and vertically through the large torsion servo motor drive. The system gives the instruction according to the operator's setting graph, and the instruction of the drawing and feed servo receiving system. Asynchronous motor drive cutter, do the last cut.

Application scenario configuration table:

Servo driveSV-DA200-011-4-S7111
Servo motorSV-MH20-9R0B-4-7A091
Servo driveSV-DA200-015-4-S7151
Servo motorSV-MH20-011B-4-7A0111
Second encoder2000 line

With the continuous improvement of the precision of steel bar processing, INVT has put forward the concept of full closed loop for the traction shaft of bending hoop machine. Without intermediate mechanical transmission, the problem of skidding can be avoided effectively, and the machining accuracy can be improved and guaranteed. Two modes of switching can be realized by an I/O port switching signal. When the sliding material is encountered, the second encoder can be used for full closed-loop control, and the position control can also be done at ordinary times, which is extremely simple and convenient for the system program control.

Compared with previous customer programs, the whole flow of INVT servo is very smooth, and the debugging effect is much higher than the customer's expectation of domestic servo. Not only the efficiency has been greatly improved, but also the precision has been greatly improved, not only the product output of the customer has been increased, but also the labor cost has been saved for the customer, and the competitiveness of the whole machine tool product in the market has been greatly enhanced.

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