The High-end Frequency Inverter under the Backgrounp of Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 is one of the ten future projects proposed by the German government in 《Germany 2020 High Technology Strategy》. It is divided into three themes , the first is " intelligent factory", that is, the devices can talk to each other and can be operated independently in the intelligent networking production process. The second is "intelligent production", that is, the enterprise's production logistics management and human- computer interaction, etc. The third is "intelligent logistics", that is, enterprise can integrate logistics resources mainly through the Internet,  the Internet of things and logistics network, fully realizing the effective resources configuration. Thus, we can basically understand several key words of Industry 4.0: Digitalization, Intelligent and Individuation.

With Germany's introduction of Industry 4.0, China is also advancing the transformation of traditional manufacturing. Under the background of such a turning point, the definition of inverters, especially the definition of high-end inverters, has also changed. INVT believes that the main trends are as follows:

Precision Control

Since the introduction of the first AC drive, the control of inverter has experienced four major revolutions, from simple speed control to torque control, and even to position control – the inverter is not limited to fan pump drive. In printing and packaging machine to the more sophisticated equipment, the market puts more precise requirements on the control of frequency inverter in motor drive.

So, how to achieve more granular control? As we all know, most of the current high-end inverters use vector control technology, and vector control relies on accurate motor parameters to achieve the desired effect in the equivalent DC motor control process. Thus, it can be seen that how to obtain accurate motor parameters is the basis of precise control of the frequency inverter. On this basis, stable speed control, precise torque control and high-precision position control can be achieved in a variety of high-end applications.

In the motor self-learning process, INVT takes into account various dynamic factors of the motor, such as the effect of the skin effects of the stator, which effectively improves the accuracy of motor self-learning.

In the aspect of torque control, a new phase-locked loop is designed, which effectively improves the stability and accuracy of the torque output.

In the high-precision closed-loop control, multiple isolation digital filtering technology is adopted, which can effectively remove the interference signal even under the severe condition of 100m near-field coupling, achieving high-precision speed control and position control with an error of less than 1 pulse.


"Technology is people-oriented", that is, the highest-end technology is often a simple operation to achieve complex functions. The individual requirements of Industry 4.0 are also the custom requirements for inverters. Under the requirements of “destocking, DE-Capacity, deleveraging, cost reduction, and repair short-board”, the inverter users want to have a set of reference modules from the stocking to the use, which can be customized by the inverter function on the opponent; or Need a product that can be integrated on demand, full-drive and versatile, on the one hand to reduce management costs, on the other hand, it is convenient for users to secondary development.

INVT Goodrive350 Series inverter is such a product. Only need to add PLC card in it, it can program PLC program according to itself needs to complete the target control. If the customers’equipment installation is relatively high, or it is not convenient to open the cabinet door and other inconvenient to operate the inverter, you can select wireless debugging. Only need to add a Bluetooth card / WIFI card, you can control the inverter through the mobile phone to achieve local or remote monitoring. Goodrive 350 series inverter’s superior expansion capability can meet multiple needs at the same time, "keep things simple" is one of its basis design ideas.


Mr.Yi Zhong Li, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC, former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the president of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, said that intelligent manufacturing is a broad concept, it need to start with the creation of automated production lines, digital workshops, and intelligent factories.

We must grasp five entry points: one is digital R&D design, the second is to integrate electronic information technology into products, improve the quality and function of products and equipment, and increase the added value. The third is the CNC manufacturing equipment. A large number of high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots are used. The fourth is the intelligent of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing line is improved from automation to intelligence. The fifth is to have a new set of manufacturing service technical standards and intelligent management system on the basis of the previous materials in order to achieve the scientific organization of the operation process and the precise control of various factor indicators.

It can be seen that the digitization of Industry 4.0 is ultimately inseparable from high-speed and secure data exchange. As a key link in the industry, the inverter must also be able to meet multiple mainstream means of communication. INVT GD350 series inverter is a multi-drive system which  supports multiple communication such as CAN, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, etc.; It also supports IoT access, realizing the interoperability of IoT and intelligent manufacturing.

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