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The DA300 series intelligent AC servo system is a new generation of intelligent servo system built by INVT, which brings high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency and cost-effective intelligent choices for industrial motion control equipment, and helps the equipment manufacturing industry enhance value and efficiency with excellent drive properties. DA300 can be widely used in robots, electronics, machine tools, laser equipment, biomedicine, battery equipment, woodworking machinery, printing and packaging, warehousing and transportation, rubber and plastic machinery, textile machinery and other general equipment.

High-Speed Response

The response frequency is up to 3.0kHz and the command setting time is within 5ms. With the fast response, the vibration suppression function is greatly enhanced, the processing speed is greatly improved, the setting time is shortened, and the high-end mechanical performance is maximized.

High-precision control

With a 23-bit high-resolution encoder, the resolution can reach 0.15 arc seconds, the positioning is more precise, the low-speed machining is smoother, and the machined surface is smoother. The absolute encoder makes the motor position origin not lost after the power is turned off. Applicable to robots, LED spectrometers, high-speed drilling and attack centers, warp knitting machines, engraving and milling machines, turning and milling composites, servo tool holders and other sites that require absolute position and high rigidity.

More rich communication interfaces

It supports bus communication protocols such as Modbus, CANopen and EtherCAT, and realizes long-distance and multi-axis high-speed synchronous control through networking.

Built-in more hardware protection

Using IPM module makes the self-protection function more powerful; Reliability has been improved with the parallel encoder disconnection detection, input power phase loss detection, brake pipe status detection, fan stall detection and other functions. The built-in ambient temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the system in real time and protects the drive.

Support more motor and encoder protocols

It supports rotary motors, linear motors, DD motors and third-party motors. Equipment upgrades is easier. The parallel encoder receives up to 20MPPS and supports multiple serial encoders such as Tamagawa, Nikon, Biss, and Endata2.2, which makes it easier to support third-party motor. The second encoder supports an absolute encoder; the divided output can support absolute encoder feedback and pass through, and realize multi-axis shared absolute encoder.

Lighter and better in appearance

The monolithic design greatly reduces the relative uniaxial volume. It can save equipment installation space and weight, achieving miniaturization of equipment. Compared with the DA200, the DA300 drives up to 45% in size, smartly driven and controlled by one hand.

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