Overview of the Component Laboratory

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INVT component laboratory is the second laboratory of the group, covering an area of 180m2. At present, there are more than 50 instruments and equipment in the component laboratory, mainly providing the following services for the group.

1) Component certification: Perform the certification on components and materials to be selected by the group R&D department.

Formulate the company's device certification specification based on IEC standard, national standard, national military standard, and related manufacturer manual standards. Perform the certification on the applicable devices according to the device certification specification to ensure the reliability of the products in the material aspect.

2) Component application support: Provide the support for the improvement of the group's component application technology level.

Fully understand the device and its application so as to optimize the device scheme and ensure the stability and reliability of the product. The component application technology mainly covers the following aspects.

3) Component failure analysis: Conduct a failure analysis of components that are ineffective in the production and customer site.

Conduct a failure analysis of components that are ineffective in material incoming, production, development and market so as to find the failure causes and improve product quality. The analysis includes the following contents.

With physical analysis, performance and reliability testing, and other relevant professional equipment and technical means, the component laboratory conducts the corresponding certification, testing, and failure analysis on all components of the group, including resistance-capacitance, semi-conductor, magnetism, switches, and other components.

Main equipment:

The laboratory mainly owns the following devices.

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