Overview of Development Laboratories of INVT

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INVT Development Laboratories are located in Guangming District Headquarters of Shenzhen. There are more than 10 laboratories, including Pre-research Department Lab, Product Development Lab, Application Development Lab, Industry Lab, Solar Pump Lab, Pilot Lab Process Automation Lab, Equipment Development Lab, etc. With a total area of more than 1,000 ㎡, it undertakes strategic tasks such as pre-research on new technologies, key technical research, and cutting-edge technology reserves, and covers the whole chain link of products from the research and development stage to the production trial stage, and then to the simulated use of end customers.

The Product Development Lab mainly carries out the design simulation, development and debugging of low-voltage transmission inverters and related products with senior R & D personnel. The proportion of undergraduate education and above is more than 85%, and the proportion of backbone personnel is more than 60%. And the hardware of Lab is fully equipped to complete various functions and performance tests of power electronic equipment, as well as the development and debugging of new control algorithms.

The Industry Lab can test all kinds of control performance and special function of industry VFDs under the environment that is similar with the real application of end users to ensure that the industry products meet the end-user's environment requirements.

Process Automation Lab is responsible for basic process research, process failure analysis and validation, intelligent manufacturing research and promotion.

The Pilot Lab undertakes the research and development of electric drive products, such as prototype structure design, process assembly verification, prototype trial production, manufacturing process development and verification, process tooling development and verification and so on.

The Equipment Development Lab focuses on providing automated test systems, comprehensive measurement and automated test solutions for each SBU. Each Lab is independent of each other and complementary in resources, effectively improving resource utilization and development efficiency. And the implementation of comprehensive 6S management, brings clean, neat, comfortable and safe test environment, but also greatly improve the passion and work quality standard of R & D personnel.

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