Authorities Witness the Honor Again to INVT

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Recently, the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Office has released the Shenzhen 2020 List of Recognized High-tech Enterprises, and Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd. (INVT for short) is honored as a "National High-tech Enterprise".

INVT first received the recognition as a national high-tech enterprise in 2008, valid for three years. INVT passed the high-tech enterprise qualification re-examination in 2011, 2014, and 2017. INVT actively prepared for the re-examination according to relevant regulations, and successfully passed the re-examination again in 2020.

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Receiving this honor indicates that INVT has been authoritatively recognized for our core indicators such as product development, scientific and technological innovation, R&D investment, and achievement transformation.

INVT attaches great importance to R&D. INVT has continued to promote the R&D based improvement strategy for many years. INVT has a high-level, highly educated R&D team, with advanced equipment and technology, and a scientific and efficient technological innovation system, steadily in the industry forefront, thus forming the mutual promotion between R&D, production and sales.

At the same time, to promote market development and application, strengthen innovation ability, and develop prospective industrial products with high technology and quality, INVT R&D department cooperates with famous universities to jointly set up R&D laboratories and industry-university-research collaboration.

Passing the High-tech Enterprise qualification re-examination again is undoubtedly the best recognition of INVT's insistence on the strategic position of R&D, and it also represents that INVT has gained recognition for the R&D level and technological innovation capability from the government departments.

With the recognition and support of the government and industry, INVT will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "Integrity and Honesty, Professionalism and Excellence", continue to enhance independent R&D innovation, increase scientific and technological R&D efforts, promote technological achievement transformation, and persist innovation-driven development to create greater social value.

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