RML Series In-built Battery Modular Online UPS 12-36kVA(200V/208V/220V)

RML036/12B series is modular online UPS with hot-swappable battery. The single cabinet power rating covers from 12kVA to 36kVA which delivers the best of combination of reliability, hot-swappable and flexibility. With intelligent battery protection and management technology, RML036/12B realizes a compact total power solution which is easy for installation, maintenance and power expansion.
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Modular design with hot-swappable battery package

Monitoring system for battery

Integrated IGBT module with improved performance and reduced size

Easy for installation and maintenance

Easy for power expansion and backup time expansion

Intelligent protection technology for safe and reliable hot-swappable battery package of the system

Smart charging management system, Intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improving the life time of the battery

Battery cold start

Friendly human machine interface with touch screen

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