The Monitoring and Control Softwares of Epigynous Computer

Upper PC monitoring software INVT Studio is an inverter monitoring system based on the serial port and Ethernet. It can realize modification and storage of inverter function codes and carries powerful oscilloscope function to realize collection and analysis of real-time waveform data of the inverter.
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1.Running environment: Windows XP、Windows 7, PC memory should be above1GB;

2.Support serial MODBUS, Ethernet UDP communication mode, support combined use of these two modes;

3.Support create, save and manage projects;

4.Support bulk upload and download of function code parameters; parameter check, comparison, modification and export;

5.Support state monitoring and RW of the status word and each bit of status word of function code; support multi-system display;

6.Support selection of common parameters and store recent parameter modification records;

7.Support monitoring and operation of multiple inverters, support inverter start/stop, FWD/REV control;

8.Support modification and configuration of function code configuration file to satisfy various demands;

9.Support fault diagnose function, remind users of fault cause, problem and other helpful items;

10.Carries powerful oscilloscope function for convenient commissioning and troubleshooting;

11.Carries help files for each function code which contains detailed illustrations and instruction;

12.Support Chinese, English and Russian languge;

13.Supported model- serial port:

14.GD10,GD35,GD100,GD200,GD300,GD800 rectification and inverter ,IPE200,CHF100A,CHV100A rectification and inverter, CHV190,CHE100;

15.Supported model-Ethernet:

16.GD35,GD300, GD800 rectification and inverter, GD5000,CHV100A  rectification and inverter,CHV190.

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