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Service Introduction
  • Vision
    to provide the industry's best service
  • Location
    Based on the market - the spreader of technology value [maximize the company's products or systems application technology and performance, corresponding to the actual usage needs of customers]
    Based on the company - the propeller of product improvement [ feedback the product market performance information to the company's technical resources sector, to promote the improvement of product quality and design quality, improving customers' product satisfaction]
  • Object
    to provide customers with convenient, valued, secure, professional, considerate and trustworthy service
  • Brand
    6A service - six key moments to contact with customers , the extreme service is A level service

  • convenient
    24-hour hotline opened, fax, email, QQ, network phone and other channels to accept customer issues, first staff responsible for complain following
  • valued
    respond to customers within 1 hour , offer problem-solving solutions and plans in customers' presence;
  • secure
    Outlets and warranty center all over the domestic provinces and cities, quickly reach the customer site within 24 hours, fast service security;
  • professional
    1, quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, rigorous processing procedure;
    2, train customers with product maintenance, maintenance and operational knowledge;
  • considerate
    visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products;
  • trustworthy
    issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services;
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