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  • Inverter installation precautions?
     Only trained and qualified professionals can carry out the installation, please follow the instructions in "safety precautions". During the installation process, you must ensure that the converter's power supply has been disconnected. If the inverter have electricity, so after a POWER outage, and short waiting time is not on the inverter marked time, and make sure the POWER light is extinguished, it is recommended that the user uses multimeter to ensure the DC bus voltage is below 36V 
  • What is the output frequency range of INVT inverter?
     Frequency setting range of inverter can reach 0-400Hz. For applications with high output frequency requirements, we can supply CHV150 products with an output frequency of up to 3000HZ. 
  • What are the inverter installation and usage environmental requirements?
    Running environment temperature is between - 10℃ ~ + 40℃, derate by 3% for each additional 1℃, the max operation temp should not exceed 50℃. Relative humidity of air is < 90% without condensation. When the installation site of the inverter is below 1000m, it can be operated at its rated power. When the elevation exceeds 1000m, it will be used at a proportional decrease of 1% of the 100m. The maximum amplitude is no more than 5.8m/S2 (0.6 g) and the inverter should be away from the source of electromagnetic radiation. The installation site should be free from oil mist, corrosive flammable gas, no radioactive material, metal dust, dust, oil, water and other foreign objects.
  • What are major application industries of INVT inverters?
    Main application industry
    Hoist: elevator, crane, tower crane and other textile: dyeing machine, combined printing and dyeing machine, etc.
    Paper: paper and paperboard production and processing packaging: slitting machine, rewinding machine, plastic machine printing: gravure printing machine, laminating machine, laminator machine, precision machine, planer, grinder, Longmen: metallurgical rolling, metal products processing
    Stretching machine: constant tension control and zero tension for rewinding and unwinding
    Servo control, etc.

    CHV100 is a high performance vector inverter, double CPU control (MCU+DSP) scheme, leading the inverter control technology hardware platform, not only improves the running speed of the core algorithm, but also create the unlimited expansion of the hardware based algorithm. Adopt unique modular design, different functions can be extended according to different customers.
    Injection machine, escalator renovation, air compressor transformation and other mechanical devices that needs mains/electricity saving conversion
    CHV110 is a high performance vector integrated cabinet, which has the function of mains/power saving conversion, IP54 high protection level, standard configuration of electricity
    Flow-type injection molding machine expansion card.

    CHV150 CHE150
    It is mainly used in motor industry and medium frequency power supply industry which needs high speed operation
    CHV150 and CHE150 series inverter is the intermediate frequency output frequency converter, the frequency adjustment range is 0~

    Mainly used in constant pressure water supply and light load conditions
    CHV160 is the V/F controlled  inverter, it adopts the CHV100 kernel program, standard configuration of water supply  card, it can easily realize one-drive-seven water supply function
    Textile: textile, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric
    Molding machine: extruder, bottle blowing machine, tube machine, bag making machine
    Ceramics: ceramic production line, brick machine electrician: wire drawing machine, stranding machine
    Oxygen making machine, air compressor, centrifuge, CNC lathe,
    Grinding machine, drilling machine, manipulator, industrial washing machine

    CHE100 is a simplified open loop vector inverter, so it is relatively simple in function, and the control mode and control circuit terminals are also reduced. CHE100 series inverters are suitable for middle end users with low requirements.

    Main application industries


    Crane travelling mechanism, food machinery and mixer,
    Light industry machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, music fountain, etc.

    Boiler drum, induced draft fan, coal mine ventilation fan, oil field water injection pump and oil pump
    Energy saving reconstruction of circulating water pump, water replenishing pump and constant pressure water supply central air conditioner
    Load without special requirements, etc.

    CHF100 is the optimized V/F control frequency converter, in the practical application it is more common and cost-effective

    Medium voltage series high performance vector inverter
    Belt conveyor and scraper conveyor in mine,
    Coal feeder, fan, water pump, oil pump, submersible pump for oil field, etc.

    The existing voltage levels are 690V, 1140V and so on,
    It has been successfully applied in many industrial and mining enterprises

  • What are INVT inverter series?
  • Which INVT inverter carry built-in brake unit?
     CHF100A 380V CHF series 15KW (including) GD series 30KW (including)
  • Which INVT inverter support support CANOpen communication?
    Standard GD300\800\CHV190\CHV100\GD35\GD300EPS
  • Which INVT inverters support DP communications?
    GD35 GD300 GD300 GD800 IPE200 CHA100\CHV100A\CHV190
  • When large motors move together, why does the inverter stop?
    When the motor starts, it will flow through the starting current corresponding to capacity, the transformer on motor stator side will generate voltage drop, the impact of voltage reduction is large when motor capacity is large. The inverter connected to the same transformer will report undervoltage or transient stop and cause protection function to act, thus operation is stopped.
  • How does the inverter prevent thunder?
    Lightning strike is divided into direct lightning and inductive ray. Direct thunderbolt is the lightning bolt that falls directly on the lightning, causing the maximum damage; Inductive thunder is an electromagnetic wave generated by lightning that produces high voltage on the conductor, causing the electrical overvoltage on the conductor to be damaged. On the grid, a multistage arrester has been installed, but the lightning induction voltage near the residual voltage of the front lightning or the converter is still causing damage to the frequency converter. 
    Answer: Install an inlet arrester in the converter control cabinet. 
    The power lightning arrester can be used for lightning protection module, slide installation and parallel grounding. The arrester module is the gap discharge, the impact discharge current 15kA(10/350 mu s) and the working voltage of 250V. It can also be used to prevent lightning by using parallel voltage sensitive resistance on power line. 

  • What happens to the input overvoltage?
    The input of the overvoltage will cause tripping, or even damage inverter internal circuit.
  • Can ac servo motors be controlled by inverter?
    Yes, but not the accuracy of the servo controller.
  • Can the inverter of INVT be connected to the power supply of 60HZ?
    Yes, the input frequency range of the INVT inverter is 47-63Hz.
  • Can inverter single-phase 220V output three-phase 380V?
    Single-phase 220V inverter can only be output in the 3-phase 0~ 220V, and the inverter itself is not to be promoted.
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