SL330 Loom Electronic Coiler Three Let-off Drives

This is the first “three-in-one” ETU and dual-ELO system in China, which adopts three dedicated servo systems to replace the mechanical let-off and take-up of traditional loom. One ETU and two ELO modules can realize real-time data exchange between them via internal bus to achieve highly efficient linkage action. It is widely applied in various upper/lower beam or front/back beam loom.
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1. The first “three-in-one” system in the industry. The electronic take-up and two let-off modules can realize real-time data exchange via internal bus to achieve highly efficient linkage action;

2. Humanized HMI, fast and convenient parameter setup, real-time parameter monitoring;

3. Widely applied in various upper/lower beam, front/rear dual-beam loom;

4. Beating-up density can be set via HMI without the need for changing the gear, and variable weft density weaving can be performed at the same time;

5. Real-time tension control, beam radius changes automatically to adapt to parameter modification, thus making tension control more stable and precise. Support fast protection against abnormal tension;

6. Electronic take-up and let-off system carries stop compensation, startup compensation and cloth-fell compensation function. It can coordinate automatically to overcome the technical difficulties of stop gear;

7. Able to stop the loom automatically and display fault type to ensure safe application and fast diagnosis when system fault occurred;

8. Equipped with interfaces for dual-nozzle and triple-nozzle to realize convenient linkage action with the weft accumulator, thus ensuring a more precise weft density weaving.

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