WS900 Integrated Electric Control System for Water Jet Loom

Integrated with loom controller, weft accumulator, electronic take-up let-off and spindle drive; integrated the function of traditional loom electronic control, weft accumulator and electronic take-up let-off into one touch screen to simplify installation, commissioning and monitoring process. The system supports speed variation to be performed together with weft density variation weaving, which improves weaving efficiency and the fabric quality. It can fully satisfy the weaving demands of different yarns and patterns.
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1.Integrated with loom controller, electronic take-up let-off, weft accumulator, dobby pattern control and synchronous frequency conversion spindle drive solution;

2.Integrate the functions of traditional yard meter, electronic take-up let-off and weft accumulator into one touch screen, making installation, commissioning and monitoring more convenient;

3.The system provides interfaces for weft density adjustment (can be connected to the head or weft accumulator system ) to improve weaving efficiency and fabric quality;

4.Optional synchronous frequency conversion spindle drive to save energy and realize speed variable weaving and slow speed jogging;

5.Can be integrated with independent GPRS IoT function to realize remote monitoring and operation maintenance.

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