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Vehicle Charging Power
Vehicle Charging Power
Vehicle Charging Power
The rechargeable products are a series of products developed by INVT specifically for electric vehicles, including charging piles, DC-DC converters, vehicle-mounted charging machines, multi-in-one, etc. The product can be compatible with most electric cars and adapt to different models. INVT can provide professional charging product solutions for electric buses, logistics vehicles and electric vehicles of different power.
  • DCDC Converter
    DCDC Converter
    DCDC converter power module adopts integrated cooling, which can improve the cooling condition of complete machine and be assembled to the customers’ radiator to enhance the heat dissipation. Power module has many features, such as small size, light weight, large power density, high whole machine conversion efficiency and so on. The module is powerful with superior performance, and the output is equipped with constant current, constant voltage and stepless voltage regulator functions.
  • OBC Vehicle Charger
    OBC Vehicle Charger
    The vehicle-mounted charging machine consists of circuit board, shell, connector and cooling structure. The charging machine has at least four states which are standby, charging, failure and hibernation. The charging machine has input overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, over-temperature protection, overpressure protection, output under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. It is suitable for the vehicle charging machine.
  • All in One Vehicle Charger
    All in One Vehicle Charger
    The product is a comprehensive product; it mainly includes high pressure tank, DC converter, on-board charger and so on. Its main functions include High pressure tank assembly (PDU) is mainly used for placing relays, fuses, pre-charge resistance and other electrical components, including fast charge relay, high pressure accessories relay, high pressure accessories pre-charge relay, pre-charge resistance and so on.
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