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Charging Pile
Charging Pile
Charging Pile
Charging-pile mainly includes DC and AC charging piles, AC charging piles are special for charging the small electric vehicle with on-board charger, and DC charging piles suit for the quick outdoor charging of electric vehicle, which can be compatible with majority of pure electric vehicles and suit for electric buses, electric vehicles with different models and different power.
  • AC Charging Pile
    AC Charging Pile
    AC charging piles are divided into two types: floor charging piles and wall mounted charging piles, which are specially used to charge AC charging for small electric vehicles with vehicle-mounted charging machines.
  • DC Charging Pile
    DC Charging Pile
    The system integrates the charging machine, charging interface, human-computer interaction interface, communication, billing and other parts into a whole, which is suitable for the quick DC charging of electric cars in the outdoors.
  • Mobile Chariging System
    Mobile Chariging System
    The mobile charging tram is the equivalent of a small "charging station" that acts as a distributed energy source or emergency power source and is used to recharge electric vehicles whenever and wherever possible. A mobile charging car can charge an electric car for 10 minutes under emergencies, . The online payment, which is equivalent to a "mobile charging treasure" for electric vehicles, has greatly improved the operating range of electric vehicles.
  • Power Module
    Power Module
    The third generation high-end high-performance high-power DC rectifier module is optimized based on the actual application of the first-generation and second-generation power module. The new generation of charging module has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability.
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