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The data acquisition device is used to bridge the data acquisition equipment between the inverter and the server. By collecting the data of the photovoltaic inverter and its surrounding environment equipment, the user and the manufacturer can effectively monitor the power generation and running state of the equipment for a long time. At the same time, manufacturers can also maintain the equipment remotely through the data collector.
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By collecting the data and environment of the PV inverter operating state, the data acquisition of up to 10 photovoltaic inverters can be supported.
Support U disk to store data.
The supporting data collector Web page or photovoltaic monitoring website can flexibly configure the data needing to monitor the data collector.
Can be connected to the cloud platform, and used in conjunction with related monitoring sites, mobile phones, APP, etc..

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Plug and play, easy to use.

4.Four major functions
By collecting the data in the photovoltaic inverter operation and environmental monitoring equipment, junction box, dry-type transformers and other equipment of data acquisition, data is collected in two RS-485, one for inverter data acquisition, and the other for monitoring the surrounding environment equipment;
Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi: three ways to upload device running data to the server;
The supporting data collector, Web page or photovoltaic monitoring website can flexibly configure the data needed to monitor the data collector;
With the data acquisition device, the inverter and the inverter software can be maintained remotely. The user can observe the power station operation through the mobile phone APP, PV monitoring website, once the failure occurs, users will be informed in SMS, email, chat software, thus greatly simplifying the photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance work. The data collector Ethernet adopts international IoT standard protocol, it is an important interface to access the cloud platform.

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