RS3000 Full Servo Electrical Control System of High-speed Rapier Loom

RS3000 Full Servo Electrical Control System of High-speed Rapier Loom Provide the whole-package servo electronic control system including loom main controller with 32-bit CPU core, super motor (oil cooled servo motor direct drive) and electronic take-up let-off. The system adopts modular design and real-time communication of industrial bus, which is highly automatic and easy to install and maintain. The actual rotating speed of the loom is above 550r/m, which tremendously improves the capacity per unit time.
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1.Self-developed core components;

2.The speed of high-speed rapier loom is between 500rmp to 650rmp (1.9m-2.3m);

3.Main shaft servo system (main drive and weft searching), take-up and let-off servo system (constant tension control);

4.High speed stepping color selection (maximum 8 colors), stepping selvage (left and right), digital weft detection;

5.High-speed electronic dobby drive system;

6.Weft interruption, auto weft finding at interruption, and zero position auto correction of the loom;

7.Speed variation and variable weft density weaving;

8.10 inch touch screen (parameter setting, troubleshooting, fancy editing, etc.);

9.The electric control box is completely closed and natural cooling;

10.Main shaft servo motor system, constant tension take-up and let-off servo system.

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