KFT1000 Texturing Electrical Control System

This control system is designed especially for high speed texturing machine which includes drive module, temp control module, length counting module and HMI. The system is suitable for supporting the new machine and upgrade of the old ones.
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System control:

1.Adopt stable and reliable Simens PLC module; A and B sides are controlled independently and separated operation of A and B sides is available.

Drive module:

2. Adopt high performance INVT GD300 vector inverter;

3.Adopt direct-connection drive mode to simplify mechanical structure (no wearing part) and reduce labor cost and material cost of routine maintenance;

4.The motor adopts highly efficient synchronous motor with improvement being made according to the the design requirement of servo motor. It utilizes sensor-free vector control, coaxial cooling fan ad features simple structure, small size, easy installation and stable speed. There is no need for closed loop control, thus eliminating the actual speed error caused by the slip of traditional motor;

5.Adopt one-to-one independent drive control for the drive motor with three-layer roller and groove drum, which features high reliability in speed control. The three-layer roller or groove drum eliminate the speed error, and when mechanical or electrical fault occurred to a certain roller or groove drum, the other rollers or groove drums and the spinning process will not be affected at all.

Temp control module

● Adopt integrated control mode: upper hot box (A and B sides) and lower hot box are controlled by a single module. One temp control module can control up to 11 hot boxes. Apply PT100 platinum resistor tri-linear measurement mode, measurement range is -50.0℃~+300℃, resolution is 0.1℃, and measurement precision is ±0.5%F.S. Adopt standard RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol.

Length counting module:

● The individual module detects the fixed length and fixed weight of 12 spindles. External installation on single side and single knob. Equipped with thread detection, thread cut and capacity and thread break state.

● Equipped with auto/manual thread cut, delayed thread cut and thread detecting anti-shake function. Adopt standard RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol.


● 10” touch screen which is easy to operate; adopt standard 485-modbus, Ethernet communication and exclusive GPRS IoT module. Users can check the machine operation state, capacity and efficiency of each shift of the machine via mobile APP.

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