iMars PhoneExpert

INVT iMars PhoneExpert is a dedicated monitoring software designed for monitoring photovoltaic grid connected power generation system. Users can communicate with iMars inverter with smart phone. It can present and record a single iMars inverter and the real time parameters, running state, historical data and warning information of your whole photovoltaic power generation system.
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Multi-level User Management
▪ Administrator authority: change software settings and modify system configuration.
▪ Guest authority: browse software settings and system parameters.

User-friendly Interface
▪ Simple menu bar and browser window
▪ Can be zoomed out to the sticker window

Powerful Analysis Capabilities
▪ Power output per day, month, year and total
▪ CO2 emission reduction, power generation profit

Software Function
• The system generating capacity, economic benefits and environmental benefits
• View the inverters real-time status
• Add and remove inverters
• Communication management

INVT Solar Global Application

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