GD350 IP54 High-performance Drives

GD350 IP54 series inverters are the latest brunches of the GD350 series. They provide the same control methods and extended functions as GD350 inverters. Some models can be configured with optional built-in DC reactors as required by customers. The full-sheet metal structure is adopted, supporting wall-mounting and flange installation. LCD keypads are the standard configuration. They are especially applicable in scenarios with harsh dust and water vapor conditions, such as those with HVAC, fans and pumps, stone, and wood.
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1. Ingress protection rating of IP54, applicable to working environments with harsh dust and water vapor conditions(Same as 3S in NAME)

2. Supporting both heavy and light loads, integrated G and P types

3. Reserving interfaces for implementing the real-time clock function

4. Supporting optional built-in DC reactors (30–110 kW)

5. Built-in brake resistors (4–37 kW)

GD350 IP54 drive

GD350 Catalog(EN)

GD350 Series VFD Communication Extension Card Manual

GD350 IP54 Series VFD Manual

GD350 IP54 Series Technical Datasheet

GD350-IP54 Efficiency Certification Report

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