GD300 Series High Performance Vector Drives

GD300 drives are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control which keeps pace with the leading international level and 32-bit DSP system, the product enhances its reliability to meet the requirements of environment adaptability, customized and industrialized design with more optimized functions, more flexible applications and more stable performance.
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1.Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motors
2.Up to 0.25Hz/150% starting torque(Asnychronous motor); 2.5Hz/150% starting torque (Synchronous motor)
3.Built-in braking unit
• (1.5~30kW, 400V)
• (≤18.5kW, 500V)
4.External LED keypad to copy parameters; Optional LCD keypad provided
5.Standard C3 filters; Optional C2 filters
6.Standard Modbus, optional Profibus,
• Can open and ethernet
• Customization products provided: GD310( UL/cUL )


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Mine, Machine Tools, Textile, Oil, Other Machineries

GD300 Series VFD Manual

GD300 Catalog( EN)

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