GD300 EPS Series Special Drives

GD300 EPS inverter is developed based on the hardware platform of INVT high-performance vector inverter Goodrive300. It is equipped with mains synchronization function and widely applied in EPS power, shore power, fire emergency power and the power system of public facilities in subway, airport, hospital and large shopping mall.
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● Mains synchronous phase lock control

Track and detect the input voltage via mains synchronous terminal card to keep the output voltage constant with that of the grid. The positive/negative sequence of inverter input power can be checked via function codes.

Phase lock control wave

● Output phase shift control

Auto compensation of phase shift caused by transformer can be made through detecting voltage phase of transformer output port or through setting compensation angle manually via function codes;

● Output voltage closed loop feedback control

Perform closed loop feedback control on EPS output voltage to improve control precision of output voltage;

● V/F separation control

Can realize V/F separation control to change V/F characteristic curve;

● Fast output

The output frequency can accelerate to the given frequency in an instant;

● Drive various motors

Drive various motors including permanent magnet synchronous motor, high speed spindle motor, direct drive motor and asynchronous motor.

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