DA213 Series 3-axis AC Servo Drive

DA213 series three-axis servo drives are designed mainly for the SCARA robot, DELTA robot, computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool, semiconductor, textile, packaging, and printing industries. Compared with the existing single-axis servo drivers, their overall volume is smaller and their performance is more powerful. DA213 supports multiple industrial high-speed fieldbuses and multi-axis coordinated control, and provides built-in electronic cams and some motion control functions.
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Designed in the compact and integrated structure, of which the volume is reduced by 30%(compared to single-axis servos)
Using Mitsubishi’s third-generation IPM module, of which the reliability is high
Supporting multiple encoders; supporting high resolution or grating scale (10 Mbps); providing DSL no-power supply encoder interface; and supporting cable-saving encoder disconnection detection
Supporting incremental and absolute encoder to function as the second encoder
Adding direct connection of absolute encoders in frequency-divided output
Supporting the connection of the upper computer in Ethernet mode
Supporting the detection of ambient temperature
Supporting hardware clock synchronization between drives
Supporting the standard STO function

DA212&DA213 Folders(EN)

Servoplorer(INVT Servo Monitor Software)

DA213 AC Servo Drive 3D Files

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