DA212 Series 2-axis AC Servo Drives

DA212 series two-axis servo drives are designed mainly for the textile, packaging, and printing industries. Compared with the existing single-axis servo drivers, their overall volume is smaller and their efficiency is higher. DA212 supports multi-axis coordinated control, and provides built-in electronic cams and some textile processing functions.
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Full closed-loop control, internal position control
Response frequency reaching 2.0 kHz; equipped with the 23-bit high-resolution encoder to implement
high-precision positioning
Supporting bus communication protocols such as Modbus and CANopen
Supporting 23-bit, 20-bit, and 17-bit encoders of 2500 ppr
Providing abundant functions such as gantry synchronization, disturbance suppression, low-frequency
vibration suppression, torque compensation for friction, etc
Offline/online auto inertia identification, auto/manual notch filter, vibration suppression adaption, disturbance observer, speed observer, medium-frequency vibration suppression, adjustment free, gain adjustment, and gain switching

DA212&DA213 Folders(EN)

Servoplorer(INVT Servo Monitor Software)

DA212 AC Servo Drive 3D Files

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