BD-HS All-in-one Hybrid System

The iMars BD series system is a new generation of photovoltaic energy storage products based on the idea of intelligent and maintenance-free, which integrates many functions such as charging, energy storage, and photovoltaic inverter, BMS battery management system and so on. It can automatically identify the off-grid/grid connection mode and connect to the smart grid to achieve peak load and valley demand.
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▪ Battery and grid priority
▪ 10ms seamless switching
▪ Built-in lithium battery, and the capacity of 2.4-12kwh can be optional

▪ On-grid and off-grid automatically detect, maximize peak-shaving and valley-filling or self-use performance
▪ RS485*3, CAN*2(with lithium battery), WiFi (optional)
▪ Charging and discharging time is settable
▪ Grid-tied output power can be adjustable (0~100%)

Reliable▪ Professional BMS, intelligent charging function
▪ Compatible with lead-acid and lithium battery
▪ Charging current is settable according to different battery types

▪ Friendly interface, 4.3 inch LCD display
▪ Inverter and battery in one case, easy to operate

BD-HS Manual

INVT Solar Global Application

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