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Low Voltage General Inverter
Goodrive20 Series Open Loop Vector Control Inverter
  • Goodrive20 Series Open Loop Vector Control Inverter
Goodrive20 Series Open Loop Vector Control Inverter
Goodrive20 series inverters feature excellent drive and control performance for using of sensorless vector control technology, and improve usability and reliability for the enriched hardware configurations and software functions, meeting different industrial applications. Goodrive20 series 18.5KW~110KW comes standard with built-in DC reactor, 18.5~37KW built-in standard brake unit, 45~110KW optional built-in brake unit, full range of independent air duct design, which improves product reliability and performance, and enhances product competitiveness.
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  • ● Excellent Control Performance
    Adopting PG-free vector control mode, excellent control performance

    Excellent vector control performance

    Excellent motor drive performance

    Excellent high-frequency running performance

    ● Optimized Structure Design
    Optimized spare utilization, models (≥18.5kW) is much smaller than existing inverters

    Mini design for inverters (≤ 2.2kW), abreast installation of multiple inverters, reducing installation space

    Flexible installation ways

    ● Multi-function and easy to use
    DC reactors are built-in inverters ≥18.5kW

    The braking unit is built-in and standard for inverters ≤37kW but optional for inverters of 45-110kW

    Inverters (380V; ≥4kw) support the DC bus sharing solution

    Support of external keypad
    GD20 series inverters can be configured with LED keypad which has the data copy function to upload or download the parameters.

    ● Diverse Application Requirements
    Simple PLC, multi-speed control, built-in PID, torque control, multi-point V/F curve, multiple braking methods, instantaneous power failure without stopping, etc.

    ● Applications
    Vector control platform products, powerful, excellent performance, can be widely used in small and medium power applications, such as food machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic equipment, petroleum machinery, cable machinery, air compressors, machine tools, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment, chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

  • Function description


    Power input

    Rated input voltage (V)

    1PH 220V(-15%)-240V+10%

    3PH 220V(-15%)-240V+10%

    3PH 380V(-15%)-440V+10%

    Rated input current(A)

    Refer to "rated value"

    Rated frequency (Hz)

    50Hz or 60Hz, permissible range: 47~63Hz

    Power output

    Rated motor capacity (kW)

    Refer to "rated value"

    Rated output (kVA)

    Refer to "rated value"

    Rated current (A)

    Refer to "rated value"

    Rated output voltage (V)

    Equal to input voltage with less than 5% error

    Technical control performance

    Control mode


    Motor type

    Asynchronous motor

    Speed range


    Speed control precision


    Speed fluctuation

    ± 0.3%SVC

    Torque response


    Torque control precision


    Starting torque

    0.5Hz 150%SVC

    Overload capacity

    1m for 150% of rated current, 10s for 180% of rated current, 1s for 200% of rated current150%

    Running control characteristics

    Frequency setup mode

    Keypad digits, anaglog quantity, pulse frequency, multi-step speed operation, simple PLC, PID, MODBUS communication. Realize switching between the set combination and the set channel.

    Realize switching between the set combination and the set channel.

    Auto voltage adjustment

    Keep the output voltage constant when grid voltage changes.

    Fault protection

    Provide all-around fault protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat, phase loss and overload

    Speed tracking restart

    Realize impact-free smooth startup of rotating motor


    OneAI20~10V/0~20mA, oneAI3-10~10V


    TwoAO1AO20~10V /0~20mA


    Four normal inputs, max frequency: 1kHz

    One high speed input, max frequency 50kHz


    One Y1 terminal output, two programmable relay outputs

    Relay output

    Two programmable relay outputs

    RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common port

    RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common port

    Contact capacity:3A/AC250V


    DC reactor

    18.5kW and above models carry built-in DC reactor in standard configuration

    Installation mode

    1PH 220V/3PH 380V and below and 3PH 220V 0.75kW and below support rail-type and wall-type installation;

    3PH 380V 4kW and above and 3PH 220V 1.5kW and above support wall-type and flange-type installation;

    Brake unit

    Built-in in standard configuration for 37kW and below models and optional for 45~110kW models;

    EMC filter

    Built-in C3 filter is optional for 3PH 380V 4Kw and above, 3PH 220V 1.5kW and above

    Optional filter: IEC61800-3 C2 IEC61800-3 C3

    Ambient temp

    10~50, derate if the ambient temp is above 40


    Below 1000m, derate if the elevation is above 1000m, derate by 1% per every additional 100m

    Protection level


    Note: The inverter with plastic shell should be installed in the metal ditribution box which complies with IP20 and IP3X


    Meet CE requirement

    Cooling mode

    Air cooling


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