130 Servo Motors

130-base series AC permanent magnet servo motor is universal-type AC servo motor developed by INVT. The power range is 200W~15kW, which can fully satisfy the function demands of general industry robots. It is widely applied in electronic manufacturing devices, digital control devices, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, plastic machinery, glass device and test device, etc.
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Main features:

1.Convenient installation and strong universality;

2.No need for commissioning, just install to use;

3.Wide speed ratio and strong adaptability;

4.Well-matched high/low identification precision, wide application;

5.IP65 protection level, strong durability (ambient temp is -10~40℃);

6.Medium inertia, universal interface and easy maintenance;

7.Max speed can be up to 3000rpm/min;

8.Momentary max torque (rated ratio 300%);

9.Comprehensive categories, with brake.

Main purpose:

1.Machine tool;

2.Conveyer device;

3.Storage facilities;

4.Wood-working machinery;

5.Food processing machine.


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