Overview of INVT Professional Laboratories

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INVT Professional Laboratories are located in headquarters of Guangming District, Shenzhen. There are six laboratories including EMC Laboratory, Safety Laboratory, IP Protection Laboratory, Climate Reliability Laboratory, Mechanical Reliability Laboratory and Components Laboratory with a total area of nearly 1300㎡, mainly responsible for EMC, safety, reliability, professional testing and certification of all products of the Group. The laboratories have many industry-leading instruments and equipment, covering high-professional and versatile experimental projects to improve product reliability.

The laboratory takes the international management system as the standard, and strictly implements the relevant requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. Relying on the high level of management and excellent business level ability, the laboratory has has successively received the CNAS laboratory accreditation issued by the China National Conformity Assessment Committee, ACT accreditation (data accreditation) authorized by TUV, the UL Witness Testing laboratory, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Frequency Converter Engineering Center, postdoctoral innovation practice base and other qualifications. It has established a good cooperation and exchange mechanism with many authoritative institutions and universities, such as UL of the United States, TUV of Germany, ETL of the United States, Harbin Institute of Technology, Southeast University and so on.

EMC Laboratory

It mainly carries on the electromagnetic anti-interference experiment and electromagnetic emission experiment of the product. The existing 3-meter anechoic room and a number of shielding rooms has obtained TUV-SUD ACT laboratory qualifications, with a number of tooling and product solution patents.

Components Laboratory

It mainly carries on the device authentication, the application support and the failure analysis work. Certifying the components and materials selected in the research and development of the group to improve the technical level of the application of the components, it carries out the failure analysis of the components that fail in the manufacturing and customer site.

Safety Laboratory

It mainly carries out electrical safety, functional safety, information security experiments of products. It has obtained ACT laboratory qualification and SIL 3 functional safety certification authorized by TUV-SUD. INVT has built a IP protection laboratory and its complete set of equipment, and has test boxes for safety related tests such as glow wire, leakage tracking, and flame retardant.

Reliability Laboratory

It mainly carries reliability experiment including climate, machinery and bad working condition simulation, covering temperature, humidity, air pressure, vibration, impact, salt fog and other environmental stress and multi-stress combination test. There is also non-standard test equipment developed and designed to simulate harsh environment, such as oil mist, cotton flocculation, condensation, dust and so on. It also provides INVT Group with MTBF estimates, DFMEA support and so on.

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