INVT Power System Co., Ltd Again Joins Hands with Jilin Radio and Television Station to Build Green Energy-saving Machin

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Recently, with its high stability, high applicability, maintainability and other performance advantages, INVT Power System Co., Ltd has won the trust of Jilin Province Network Radio and Television again after 2017. Once again to provide an integrated computer room solution, this re-cooperation also marks the Jilin Radio and Television's trust and recognition of INVT Power System Co., Ltd.

Jilin Province Radio and Television Information Network Group Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of JSI Media Co., Ltd.) was established on September 29, 2005, on the basis of the former Jilin Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. Through the integration of radio and television network resources in the province, the provincial regional radio and television information network operation enterprise was set up by Jilin TV station and 49 units of the provincial radio and television system.

This project adopts INVT Tengzhi series micro-module data center solution, including 23 cold channel cabinets, 4 air-cooled inter-column air conditioners, 4 custom non-standard machine cabinets. INVT has always been customer-oriented, in the initial stage of the project due to the actual area of the customer room is limited, according to the site situation and customer needs, we adjust the project in the machine room with detachable glass curtain wall, which effectively solves the field construction difficult problems, and uses the maximum space to lay cabinets. The design of the data center of INVT micro module from each subsystem to the whole structure adopts standardization, modularization design, and combined application of several energy-saving technologies, such as closed cold channel, modular UPS, inter-column refrigeration, natural cooling linkage and so on, which truly achieves green energy efficient operation.

The project will be completed with the previous phase of the data center to provide Jilin Radio and Television with a more intelligent, green data center computer room. INVT will continue to provide customers with more competitive solutions to solve practical problems for customers to become a reliable partner.

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