Vibration Suppression Technology Makes the Production Fewer Troubles

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No matter how fast the movement is, the wine is still as good as a mirror. No matter how complicated the movement is, the camera still does not move.

At the production site, vibration problems are ubiquitous: in the image detection device of electronic components, the camera photography is unstable; in the ink-jet printing machine, ink-jet of the ink cartridge is uneven; in the automatic drug library, the robot takes the drug inaccurately. Excessive movement or emergency stop leads to poor equipment stability, insufficient product competitiveness, and wear of machine tool couplings. It has become a difficult and challenging task for many enterprises to transform and upgrade.

The mechanical system has a certain resonant frequency, and when the gain of the servo system increases, resonance will occur near the mechanical resonance frequency point. Especially when the mechanical load end is longer and heavier, the process of an emergency stop or rapid deceleration is easy to produce end vibration, which will seriously affect the track tracking and positioning performance of the servo system. This vibration frequency is low, generally within 100 Hz, so it is called low-frequency resonance.

Taking the dispenser as an example, the dispenser especially controls the fluid. The glue, paint and other liquids are accurately dotted, injected, coated and dripped to the precise position of the product, and the three dimensional, four-dimensional pasted-glue are realized, such as dotting, drawing line, circular or arc type, etc. Under the influence of vibration caused by high-speed movement and sudden stop, dispensing pen is easy to be located incorrectly, which greatly affects dispensing quality and efficiency.

In response to the above-mentioned similar problems, INVT went deep into the production site to get inspiration, innovatively developed low-frequency vibration suppression technology, successfully solved various problems such as object sloshing, liquid overflow, cantilever swing, etc., achieving precise control of high-speed moving objects, reaching the effect of extreme stillness.

INVT servo DA200 has the function of low-frequency vibration suppression. The vibration frequency of position error in positioning state is analyzed by special low-frequency vibration suppression algorithm to overcome low-frequency mechanical resonance and effectively reduce low-frequency vibration frequency. The oscillating phenomenon at the end of the long pendulum arm mechanism is restrained. A large number of applications show that the mechanical vibration amplitude is greatly reduced, the setting time is greatly reduced, and the positioning accuracy is obviously improved by using the low-frequency suppression function of DA200.

INVT servo excellent performance in high-speed, heavy-load and other conditions of performance is also excellent.

In the industrial robot and mechanical system, the nonlinear force brought by the robot joint or mechanical coupling will often produce vibration, make the system unstable, affect the mechanical performance and control precision, and restrict the development of the robot. Vibration suppression technology can not only improve the precision and performance of industrial robots and mechanical systems but also reduce a large number of mechanical structures.

INVT servo has powerful low-frequency vibration suppression, intermediate frequency vibration suppression, full closed-loop vibration suppression, automatic/manual notch filter, disturbance suppression function. With the application of INVT servo technology to Scara robot, the positioning time is greatly reduced, the path tracking becomes more accurate and stable, and the response speed and accuracy of the servo system are improved obviously.

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