Indispensable Servo Control System for Customized Furniture Flexible Automatic Production Line

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In recent years, with the continuous growth of China's economy and disposable income of residents, the demand for customized furniture has also increased rapidly. In the customized industry, some words such as automation, industry 4.0, robot, and unmanned factories have already been labels for customized companies.  Without these "soft power", customized furniture manufacturers can neither serve customers nor develop themselves. How to combine personalized design with industrialization, standardization, large-scale production and import automation products and solutions, actively manage factory equipment, comprehensively promote intelligent upgrading of products, and build intelligent factories is the most concerned issue for furniture manufacturers.

Due to the diversity of consumer orders and product complexity, at present, most of the customized furniture companies still face difficulties in achieving large-scale flexible production. The general enterprises in the industry can only order scheduling one by one according to the order. As each order is a personalized product, its production efficiency is low. Although some enterprises can split the order into standard parts and non-standard parts, they can only implement large-scale production of standard parts, and the process of flexible production for non-standard parts is still insufficient. There are only a small number of customized furniture enterprises with high degree of informationization and automation in the industry, combined with flexible production technology to achieve large-scale, automated and personalized production. Because of the complexity of customized furniture materials, production, process, and management, each process presents more complex and detailed requirements for machine equipment.

INVT deeply dug the needs of the industry, focused on the customized furniture finishing market, delved into the woodworking industry process, perfectly integrated the solution and products, solved the user's difficulties, and launched a complete solution for opening, sealing and drilling, which meets the large-scale non-standardization production mode of customers and helps manufacturers improve production and processing efficiency, precision and automation, significantly increasing production capacity and reducing operating costs.

Taking the cutting board as an example, because of the uniqueness of the customized closet, it is necessary to develop different angled and functional parts, the shape is varied, and the materials are different. This puts high demands on processing precision and flexible production.

INVT has introduced a cutting board saw solution consisting of motion control, HMI and DA200 high-performance AC servo system, and successfully imported a CNC cutting saw from a well-known equipment manufacturer in China, enabling high-speed rapid cutting and simultaneous cutting of different lengths. Automatic positioning sawing according to different widths and lengths can reduce the idle travel time. Now the maximum processing length is 3800mm and the maximum sawing speed is 85m/min.

The saw drive system is controlled by INVT DA200 high-performance servo system. The advantages as follows:

1. Industry-leading Response Speed

The response frequency is up to 2kHz, which greatly improves processing speed, shortens set-up time, and maximizes high-end mechanical performance.

2. Excellent Positioning Accuracy

Compared with the ordinary 17-bit encoder, the positioning accuracy is improved by 64 times with 23-bit high-resolution encoder,

3. High-speed Real-time Transmission

Using EtherCAT 100M high-speed bus, the minimum scanning period reaches 1ms

4. Good Openness

Adopt CODESYS development platform and provide customers with secondary development space.

5. Support EtherCAT Protocol

Connect with CODESYS platform via the EtherCAT protocol, including fine-grained management and query of automated production.

Reliability makes good furniture. INVT has great advantages in product development and production, cost control, supply chain management, full process quality management, global service network and 6A professional services. It can fully meet the requirements of equipment manufacturers in customized furniture non-standard market.

The operation practice shows that INVT successfully provides customers with mature and reliable system solutions with excellent processing performance, high precision, good flexibility and fast speed, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency of different specifications of boards. Together with the perfect on-site commissioning technical service, it is fully recognized by customers.

INVT, your trusted and best choice.

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