Overview of the Industrial Laboratory

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Covering an area of 210m2, the drive industry laboratory is mainly engaged in the electrical performance testing of VFD products under actual end load and operation conditions.

Test platform for refrigeration compressor of the refrigerator car

The laboratory provides the actual end load and operation conditions of VFD products, and conducts the control performance, special function, reliability, and structure tests on the VFD products under the end load and environment, ensuring that the VFD products can meet the requirements of the end customers in the use environment.

Gantry crane test platform

In the laboratory, there are test platforms aiming for refrigeration compressor of the refrigerator car, efficiency of the compressor, gantry crane, durability of electric scroll compressor, high and low temperature of the electric scroll compressor, and performance of electric scroll compressor, DC-DC load platform, and building hoist platform in lifting industry. The test platforms of various industries are being continuously updated. In the future, these platforms will continuously enrich the industry application, quickly simulate the user operation conditions in the laboratory, so as to shorten the verification cost and time.

Building hoist test platform

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