Overview of the Performance Laboratories

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INVT performance Laboratories are located in the headquarters of Guangming District, Shenzhen. There are three laboratories: low-power performance laboratory, high-power performance laboratory and load room, covering a total area of more than 600㎡, and they mainly engaged in testing electrical performance, control performance, key device performance verification and others of small, medium and high-power frequency converter. The high power performance laboratory has AC220V/380V/660V and 0~1300V multi-voltage test power supply, and its load room has 37~500kW 2 connected motors load, high power three-phase reactor load, high power resistance load, high frequency water cooling heating platform and so on to meet the testing requirements of medium and high power air-cooled or water-cooled products. The low power performance laboratory has 0.2~37kW power section multi-type motor, and has a lot of power analyzer, data acquisition and other instruments and equipment to meet the load diversity testing needs of low power frequency converter products.

The laboratory is based on the international management system, and has obtained the qualification of Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province frequency converter engineering center, the postdoctoral innovation practice base and so on. A good cooperation and exchange mechanism has been established with Harbin Institute of Technology, Southeast University and other authoritative institutions and universities.

Low power performance laboratory

The test items cover a full range of performance tests, including control performance, power factor, harmonic, efficiency, temperature rise test, output short circuit, detection accuracy, drive waveform, noise, switching power supply with WT1800 power analyzer, Agilent data acquisition instrument, Fluke thermal imager, Chroma programmable DC power supply and electronic load and many other instruments and equipment to meet the needs of testing.

High power performance laboratory

To meet the needs of the mainstream equipment test power supply in the market, covering a variety of high-power loads, the torque control platform can measure the control performance of the frequency converter to the asynchronous / synchronous motor with high precision, and can be displayed directly in the upper computer.

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