AX70 Motion Controller

AX series programmable controllers are high performance generic controllers for medium and large-scale control systems. With rich expansibility, advanced built-in functions and simple programming, the controllers are highly integrated with diversified motion control communication buses and connected with INVT drive products to provide customers with the best automation control system solution, improving production efficiency and product quality so as to reduce development and maintenance costs.
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High-speed calculation capability
Uses the CPU with the basic command processing speed up to 1ns.

Large-scale distributed expansion
Supports EtherCAT distributed expansion.

Advanced motion control
Integrated with rich motion control functions; Implements synchronization control and advanced motion control such as electronic cam, electronic gear, and positioning by using high-speed EtherCAT bus or pulses.

Electronic cam/gear

Supports 200k pulses/s, including pulses with direction, forward/reverse pulses and quadrature pulses, to implement position and speed control.

Visual configuration
Configuration programming
Highly effective debugging

Safe and easy to use
Compatible with thermal resistors and thermocouples
Permanent storage of data

AX Series Video


AX70 Programmable Controller Catalog(EN)

AX70 Series Programmable Controller Hardware User Manual

AX70-C-1608P CPU Module User Manual

AX Series Programming Manual

AX Series Hardware Manual

AX Series Software Manual

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