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Canton Fair 2019: 3 Tips for Navigating China's Largest Trade Show
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On October 15, the 126th Canton Fair was grandly opened in Guangzhou, China. The fair attracting about 25,600 exhibitors from home and abroad opened here. In order to save your time, there are 3 Tips for Navigating China's Largest Trade Show.
● Apply online in advance
● Bring your business cards
Navigate directly to INVT Booth to get customized Solutions for Solar!

At the beginning of the fair, we welcomed our first customer who is from Nigeria. As the first visitor, he received a mysterious little gift. Would you wanna know what the gift is? Maybe you should come to our booth earlier. During the fair, a Pakistani customer eagerly expresses the intention of cooperation with INVT when he saw our booth because he said INVT has great influence in Pakistan and it is very trustworthy. There was even a customer in Africa who, after a brief look at the product, said he wanted to buy 600 units.

What is it that attracts customers so much? In Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, we can see that the solar provides a tremendous amount of electricity to improve people's lives in areas where electricity is scarce. At the fair, INVT mainly showcase the popular solar products such as solar pump inverter Goodrive100-PV for irrigation. It does not need diesel fuel nor require a power grid, and can be used in conjunction with irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and irrigation, saving water and energy, and greatly reducing the input cost of using fossil energy. It does not require personnel to be supervised, and the maintenance workload is very low. It is an ideal green energy water lifting system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.

There are only three days left of the Canton Fair. No matter where are you from, we are here to warmly welcome you and invite you visit our booth.
Date: October 15th to 19th
Booth: 10.3F01~02

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